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9 Campaign ‘Takeaways’
1. We have more capacity to serve others than you think
2. Follow your purpose without knowing the outcome
3. Meet others where they are and listen
4. Be who you are and not what others want you to be
5. Rise above the collective silliness and negativity
6. Be prepared and thoughtful
7. Do things others aren’t willing to do
8. Have fun in the process
9. Always Do the Next Right Thing

– Adam Solano

What’s next?

Competitors doesn’t mean enemies and that rarely translates in politics.  But not in Illinois House District 62.

During the 6-month primary campaign season which ended March 20, 2018, Ken Idstein and I worked feverishly opposing each other to win the election.  Despite the fierce competition, we remained civil to one another.  Some would even say, friendly.

Halfway thru my campaign I publicly and privately committed to “leading the parade” if Ken bettered me in the election.  That commitment, which some thought was foolish, solidified the night of February 27 at the Round Lake Civic Center during the only public debate for all the local candidates.  Upon my arrival, all the tables had been taken and there was nowhere for me to display my literature.  Ken noticed the oversight and went into the back room to emerge with a table.  “Here you go, Adam”, he said.

That’s the kind of person you want spending 60-80 days a year in Springfield.  That’s the kind of person that genuinely cares about other people and desires to make a difference in his community.  That’s the kind of person that is in the political realm to serve others and not further their own political self-ambitions.

So, Election Day came and went and Ken Idstein was the clear winner.  A week later, he asked me to be his campaign Treasurer.  I agreed.  And two months later, when Ken and I were walking in the Grayslake Memorial Day Parade with about 20 other supporters, Ken asked me to join him out in front by his parade banner.

“Kenny!” a familiar voice rang out and Ken was off to the side for hugs and handshakes.

“Go get’em Kenny!” yelled another.

“Kenny, over here. Good luck!” waived a voter.

And on and on it went. No wonder I lost, I chuckled to myself. And now, I’m literally helping him lead his parade.

Ken Idstein is the right person to represent us in District 62.  He is the right person for us to send to Springfield to begin changing the political culture from serving itself to serving its citizens.  And for all of you that supported and voted for me, I can tell you first hand that you will be well served to transfer that support, like I have, to him.

Kenny, let’s win It!


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