Why Did Republican Adam Solano File A Petition For State Representative, District 62?

I knocked and you answered, listened and signed my petition.  We gathered over 800 signatures during a 6-week period and proudly we submit them today for the 62nd House District in the Illinois General Assembly.

I’m fond of saying ‘successful people do the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do’.  Unfortunately, the latter part of that quote embodies the core issue that plagues the Illinois political culture:

  • We have a General Assembly filled with officials that are not willing to pass-on leadership positions
  • We have a political power structure that isn’t willing to give us fair district maps
  • We have elected officials that aren’t willing to cut spending or pass a budget
  • We have ‘leaders’ that aren’t willing to put their constituent’s interests first

If we define our success in Illinois by losing more people to neighboring states and living in a constant crisis of trust with our elected officials, then Springfield is doing a bang-up job.  I think you will agree that Illinois needs an upgrade in management and I believe giving Springfield more time without new, thoughtful leaders is wishful thinking.

The election this coming year has the potential to be one of the most interesting elections we’ve seen in Illinois because more than 2 dozen current lawmakers have resigned or are not running for re-election. Help me get elected on March 20th and let’s Turn Illinois Around.


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