Adam Solano, Dist. 62 Republican Candidate, to Decline State Pension and Health Care

Adam Solano, Republican candidate for Representative in the 62nd district, today announced that he will not accept a taxpayer-funded pension or health and welfare benefits if elected to the General Assembly.

“As a small business owner, one of the reasons I’m running for office for the first time is to bring fiscal sanity to the budget making process.  I can’t in good conscience, serve the public while adding to the stack of bills piling up for the Illinois taxpayer.  One less tax dollar taking care of me is one more dollar that I would rather prioritize toward education, health care or infrastructure.”

The General Assembly Retirement System along with 4 other Illinois pension systems have more than $130 billion in unfunded liabilities consuming nearly 20% of the state’s budget.  The current annual pension payments already exceed seven billion dollars a year.


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