12 Lessons from Parenthood that will make you a Better Leader

Leadership Skills12 Lessons from Parenthood that will make you a Better Leader

From ADAM: The picture titling this post is perhaps my favorite family pic. Back in 2005 on a Friday after work, my kids begged me to help them color in EVERY brick on our patio.
I didn’t want to at first but I acquiesced. As we completed the tedious project this picture was taken. It now reminds me of that “sweet season” of my young family life.   If I had gotten my way – because there were a lot of bricks! – this moment and my favorite picture would have been lost.
So, this started me thinking: what have I learned from being a father that has helped me be a better leader?

1.  Be Organized

2.  It’s OK if they don’t Get It at first

3.  Initiate and then Follow Up

4.  Celebrate

5.  Say Sorry when necessary

6.  Be Gentle but Firm

7.  Pay Attention to the Little Things

8.  Let Others be Who They Are

9.  Give Individual Attention

10.  Do things without Expectation

11.  Be Patient

12.  Be aware of How Quickly Time will pass by

What would be your 12 “Leadership Lessons” from being a Mom or Dad?

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