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Do You Know What Gerrymandering Is?

Property Taxes

The property tax freeze bill that recently passed the Illinois House was really another Springfield political game to provide cover for our elected representatives.  Soon our State Representative will look for the proverbial pat-on-the-back because he’s been telling us he’d do something about our taxes.  There are two snags with this ‘victory lap’, however:
First, the bill didn’t address the fundamental problems causing the property tax rates (consolidation of local government administration, reducing redundant school districts; and reforms to pensions and workers compensation).
Second, it was never called for a vote on the Senate floor.
Are you happy with the progress our 62nd state representative has made with one of the state’s most important financial issues?

Neither am I.

Local and State Government

As a small business owner and a leader in my profession, I have learned the necessity to reinvent my business and my operation about every 5 years.  If I don’t innovate the mechanisms that serve the clients and the community, the business will become stuck and self-serving.  Dynamic change isn’t fun or easy but my business isn’t designed to serve me.  It’s designed to serve others.  Our local and state governments aren’t exempt from this basic rule of change and innovation.
Are you happy with the thinkers and leaders running the state and local government?

Neither am I.

Fair Maps

What if one of the largest companies in the state rigged the marketing and distribution of its product so that it made it nearly impossible for another company to compete?  And the result was an inferior product that cost you time and money?  To make matters worse, calling the customer service department to complain is met with kind and understanding tones while your call is transferred again and again.  That’s exactly how our state government operates.
The current district mapping of Illinois does not serve the public, it serves our stuck, self-serving state government.
Are you happy with one party and one person power in Illinois?

Neither am I.

Leadership position term limits

Limiting the time an elected representative can hold a leadership position inside the organism of government will encourage higher standards of output and progress in Springfield and move its culture away from holding power and back to the business of governing.
Are you happy that leaders remain in power for decades at our expense?

Neither am I.

Budgets, Spending, Income Taxes

When a financial advisor helps her clients increase their income without decreasing their expenses, it’s called malpractice.  Yet we accept it from our local and state government.  Why do we have to pay more out of our pocket without the mandate of reduced spending?
Are you happy with how the state worked without a budget only to pass a tax increase to take more of the money we use to save and provide for our families?

Neither am I.

Servant Leadership

Putting yourself last, risking your position to move an organization forward are the hallmarks of leadership.  Yet how many candidates are groomed and picked by the very local and state entities that want to preserve its stuck, self-serving ways?  How many leaders are more in tune with their power than their public purpose?
Are you happy with the way Springfield represents you?

Neither am I.

Pension Reform

We need talented people teaching our children as much as sensible pension reform to help our state. A pension is supposed to be a guarantee you will never be poor and not the opportunity to be rich. I’ve been working with pensions in my business for over 24 years.  I have many teachers as my best clients. Both my Mother and Father-in-law were teachers and would not survive without their pensions. I’m grateful they have them.  I know pensions, I know how to speak the language and will be an effective leader in reform that works for everyone. Our current pension system is unsustainable and leaving our homes as hostage.
Are you happy with the way Springfield stewards our tax dollars?

Neither am I.


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