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A chunk of my formal education was directed by priest, brothers, nuns and monks, and that has of course influenced my faith. In high school I attended both a teenaged version of C.C.D. and an evangelical youth group. After graduating St John’s University (Minnesota), I moved home, started my insurance and investment practice, and a family, and began attending a non-denominational congregation in Grayslake, called The Chapel. I’ve worshiped there since August of 1995.


One of my greatest accomplishments as a human being is raising four children: Claire (19), Olivia (18), Dominic (16) and Victor (14). My wife , Dianna, is a hard working dedicated woman that strives puts her husband and family first. We have lived in Grayslake for nearly 22 years, most of it on the same street.


For nearly 25 years I have been helping families and small businesses plan for their future and make smart choices with their money. I love what I do for a living and is one of the most noble professions on the planet. I have operated my business out of Grayslake since 2008.


The Chapel; Security Team, Men’s Small Group Leader, Tithe Ministry.

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA); Speaker and Author, Past President of NAIFA Chicago, Past President of NAIFA Illinois.

MDRT; Mentoring new and young advisers, Speaker and Author, Ethics Committee Chair.

Coaching; AYSO Soccer Coach for 7 years, Grayslake Park District Basketball Coach for 6 years.

For 25 years I’ve helped families and small businesses plan for their future and make smart choices with their money. Families are frustrated because Illinois Universities are no bargin and their kids either stay home or go away to neighboring states. Getting ahead for retirement is often out of the question because our property taxes increase at an unsustainable rate. And confidence that life in Illinois will get better? I regularly hear a plain sense of hopelessness in our state government leaders.

Can you relate? Let’s send Springfield some new thinkers and leaders and turn Illinois around.


Did you know you need 1500 signatures by Dec 2, 2017 to even be considered a candidate for Illinois State Representative?

Did you know that District 62 Includes Grayslake, Third Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park, Hainesville, Wauconda, a small part of Long Lake,Gurnee, and even Waukegan?

Did you know there are currently 4 candidates running for the republican nominee?

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